Wednesday, June 11, 2008

InglesAgil Looks at Expovial 2008

Today is the day that news is made for new VCs... What is happening is that Colombia is the happening place around the world. The best place to invest on the country`s infrastructure.
If there is any way that you can best park your pension funds is in Colombia`s infrastructure.

The country has made huge strides in the challenge that has had in "Decision Making" that has led to meet the challenges in health and education and the jump is being made in developing most of the infrastructure by reducing costs by its innovation in highway and road construction.

I know its unthinkable calls over and above political calls. The idea that technicians versus politics is over... alternative designs have won. Alternative designs have stated "that without studies we can not make propossals".

Every X city has had to deal with costs ... hidden costs and have had to deal with a public and private conscious.

The idea here is to get contracts with a long term window with a vision of efficiency for its citizens. The time is now to reach out at a rennovation where big jumps are made and an immagination is needed. The world has seen this before and the returns are for the making.

The idea that the future is now has never been better expressed.
Thursday ... Jaime Ordas

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